Ontario Textbook Recycling

Finding good home for unwanted books since 2000

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Ontario Textbook Recycling is based in Aurora, Ontario, and is owned and operated by Janie Upham.

Janie is originally from the Maritimes, and has worked for nearly 40 years with non-sectarian peace initiatives. She currently assists with the promotion of the TPRF Peace Education Program to community and correctional facilities.

A recent novice at fiddling, Janie sings and plays each week with the Aurora Folk & Blues Society Song Circle, most Tuesday nights at Jonathan’s Restaurant, Aurora.

Prior to running her book business, Janie spent 20 years in visual  communications as a graphic designer, cartoonist, writer and consultant.   See another (besides the one on this site’s home page) of Janie’s recycling cartoons.

Ontario Textbook Recycling donates a portion of its own earnings to support non-denominational peace and humanitarian initiatives, through The Prem Rawat Foundation and Words of Peace Global.

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