Ontario Textbook Recycling

Finding good home for unwanted books since 2000


Raise $200 to $2,000 ~ easy as pie

Our book sale fundraisers are free of red tape and take only a few minutes to organize.

Here’s how they works:

  1. Invite faculty to bring the books they are not using to a handy collection spot

  2. Provide a deadline

  3. Send out a reminder

  4. Let us know you’re ready. We will come to assess, buy and haul away all the books we can make use of

  5. We can also collect door-to-door, if some faculty find this easier

  6. The fundraising coordinator receives the money raised, same day, by cash or check

Get started with a fundraiser

What happens to the books?

Through several discount wholesale book exchanges, the books we buy are made available to students (at other schools) who need them for required reading. Most are resold as used, providing students with an less expensive alternative when they must purchase the latest edition.

Lots of people use our on-site service to raise money:

*Independent professionals who have accumulate purchased books and unsolicited samples in their roles as professors, reviewers, editors, authors or consultants

*Administrators, program directors and other staff with extra, unclaimed or undeliverable books

*Libraries and not-for-profit organizations that accept book donations

*Managers of bookstores and student-run consignment book shops, publishers and jobbers with expired inventory


Projects we’ve helped with

Remote Community Outreach

Dominican Project - Georgian College

Jamaica Project  - Seneca College

Holiday Food Drive

Durham College

Nursing Centre Resources

Student field practice equipment

Georgian College

Out-of-budget expenses

Theatre tickets for students - Seneca

Parts for robot construction - Ryerson

Orientation gift bags - Durham

Refreshments for meetings - Fleming

United Way

Adopt a Chimp

For specific details about these fundraisers, please contact us.

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Medical care and school supplies for Dominican families in remote communities

Health Science and ECE faculty often use textbook drives to help fund volunteer outreach projects.