Ontario Textbook Recycling

Finding good home for unwanted books since 2000


Here’s a list of the books Ontario Textbook Recycling buys:

New and used:

  1. Current editions of textbooks

  2. Recently outdated textbooks (selected)

  3. Non-fiction and classics used to support curriculums

Used” means: in reasonable condition and complete. Includes marked up, highlighted, etc. We remove names on pages, edges or covers.

“Current” means: it has not been followed by a more recent edition. It could be anywhere from one month old to many years old. See side bar for help.

  1. All disciplines including:

  2. Business: accounting, communications, management, marketing,  retail, etc.

  3. Humanities: languages, literature, law, history, philosophy, arts, etc.

  4. Behavioral and social sciences: anthropology,  economics, history, psychology, sociology, etc.

  5. Science and Engineering: chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, math, etc.

  6. Applied technologies and trades

  7. Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, and many more

  8. See all subject areas

  9. Samples and instructor editions such as promotional and desk copies issued to reviewers, editors, professors and other independent professionals

  10. Canadian, American and some UK

  11. French, Spanish, German, etc. language instruction

  12. Study guides, lab books, lightly used workbooks

  13. Computer program instruction books

  14. ESL instruction and workbooks

  15. References & handbooks: writing, medical, childcare, dictionaries, etc.

  16. Recently outdated editions (selected)

  17. Novels, plays, literary classics, philosophical texts, Bibles and other religious texts, popular non-fiction and fiction, if used to augment course studies

Contact us for an on-site evaluation

Not sure if your books are of interest?  Email 5 ISBN’s

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How can I tell if my books are current?

Chose 5 books you think might be in demand.

Email us their ISBN’s  -- the 13 digit , or 10-digit, number on the back cover or inside on the copyright page.

We’ll let you know if your collection has fundraising potential and warrants an on-site assessment.

Email 5 ISBN’s

How do you decide what my books are worth?

We use hand-held, barcode scanners to determine a book’s demand and value.

Our “wish lists” are updated every few weeks, based on a large network of discount and wholesale exchanges and contains over 100,000 titles.

In less than 10 minutes, we can evaluate a collection of up to 200 books.

Our on-site service is the simplest and fastest way to separate books of value  from the blue box variety, and raise cash in the process.

Contact us for an on-site evaluation

Recycling student textbooks?

Outdated textbooks from students are challenging to get rid of. Not even thrift stores such as Goodwill, Value Village or the Salvation Army welcome them.  We don’t want them either!

But recycling facilities do. Just box them up and drop them off:

Toronto recycling facilities

York Region recycling facilities

Recycling books from retiring faculty?

Please contact us! We welcome the opportunity to evaluate faculty collections regardless of copyright date, providing the professor has taught in recent years.